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Dick-Proof Factor; A numerical indicator of a woman's tendancy to resist sexual advances.
Don't bother talking to that girl over there dude, she's at least DPF 75.
by r0xtarninjaman August 08, 2009
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Dinner Party Faggot - a homosexual male, typically urban, sophisticated, and at least middle aged, who is on the dinner party circuit with other gay guys, and fag hags, where marveling over the dishes and the recipes is the norm. Probably can be done pot luck style, or by taking turns hosting.
"Oh man, there's this flamboyant DPF who works with me. He is always talking about the dinner parties he and his friends hold."

"Yeah, and someone would probably be rich if they had a dollar for every time someone said fabulous or festive about the different courses."
by highlyopinionated May 16, 2013
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Dollars-Per-Fuck - A statistical measure of how much effort in dollars that a male invests into a woman per actual fuck. DPF is generally a fixed cost proposition with a prostitute but a DPF can be calculated in every sexual relationship including marriage where DPF can sky rocket if there's little to no sex. A $0 DPF would be a girl in which you invest no money in who simply wants to fuck you. Attractive guys, college guys, and guys with good game are likely to have lower DPF's than less attractive guys and older guys such as a sugar daddy. Gold digging girls can significantly raise your DPF as they are looking to extract the most they can in cash and gifts from the male.
I've taken this chick out on 5 dates and spent about $500 on her and only got to have sex with her once. My DPF on her is way too high if she doesn't start putting out more soon.
by SonnyATX December 02, 2013
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When you skip getting a free ride down to DC with your good friends so you can get paid double the amount for one days work, but then immediately spend more than half of it to catch a bus down to see them.
True Man - yo we’re leaving at 5pm sharp Friday.
Nervous idiot - nah I can’t, it’s DPF *claps hands together and rubs them* I’ll catch a bus down there Saturday to inconvenience all of you for having to wait for me.
by Caveyesesese July 14, 2018
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