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Dippin' Dots are tiny beads of ice cream. They are said to be "the worlds coldest ice cream" due to the fact that they are kept frozen at -40 degrees.

There are multiple flavors:
Banana Slpit, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, Bubble Gum, Java Delight, Cotton Candy, Peanut Butter, and Strawberry.

Dippin' Dots are often found in amusement parks, stadiums, malls, and fairs.

When dippin' dots are left to melt in the sun, they leave an unforgettable odor; it's very nasty.

Ice cream of the future!

Note: they are often overpriced. (8 dollars for 8 oz)
Rich: I could use some ice cream.
Chris: Let's go get some dippin' dots!
Rich: But i only have 4 dollars.
Chris: that's ok, you can get a 3 oz cup!
by g-diggity August 01, 2006
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First created in 1987 and fine tuned during 1988 by microbiologist Curt Jones, it is ice cream's recipe cryogenically flash frozen into BBs and kept at -45 degrees fahrenheit to keep its consistency. It is because of the subzero storage requirements that you can only find Dippin' Dots at amusement parks, novelty franchises, special events or in special vending machines.
Some people will find their tongue turns numb when they first try Dippin' Dots.
by AMAZING JENN June 06, 2006
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When you're really stoned, it's the only thing that is real to you.
Everything else is a dream, but you - you are my dippin' dots.
by Slovakle May 06, 2011
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possibly the greatest -abieit expensive- ice cream treats that you can find in a mall or fair. they are BB-sized ice cream pellet that you eat just like regular stufff in a cup.
You: Boy, these Dippin-dots sure are good
Me; well for 4 quid a cup, they better be
Both: mmm, Dippin-dots are tasty!
by jojotheirishkid May 24, 2005
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Guy: Ew why are you eating Dippin' Dots? You know they are just Orbeez in disguise right?
Not Guy: I really dont care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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the bb sized ice creem aka ice cream of the futer you get them at almost any mall, fair, or park some say there are drugs in the dots that make them so edictive to. there as expensive as hell for ice cream but are just so adictive.
people who are reading this and think dippin dots are to high email the dippin dot company and tell them I tryed onece didnt work out so help me out people
man 1:hay look theres some dippin dots

man 2:holy balls there $3.00 for a small thats expinsive but what the hell there so friggin good
by preston p. July 19, 2005
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