a general verb, that can describe anything at all.
Whiskey dooped my wall.

Hey bro, you dooped in the hallway yesterday
Lets doop her later.
by Chullie B. October 13, 2011
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acronym: Dick. Out. Of. Pants. is generally used to express the feeling of discomfort when someones gentiles are exposed from out of there Boxers, Pants, Shorts ect.
'Dude did you see Zac over there"

" Yah i did do you think he knows hes D.O.O.P"

' Not sure but don't tell him it will be funnier that way."
by AlbinoBlackSheep April 02, 2009
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To get harass in the butthole
you have officially been doop.
by richardm2 January 03, 2008
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to foul up somebodys plans. (world domination, etc.)
Damn you! You dooped up my plans for being the finest Mac in all the world. Now how am I going to get laid?
by mike October 14, 2003
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Verb./ The act of decieving a nub in order to avoid them.
Past tense: Dooped
I invited Nick to the movies, but I purposely didn't go without telling him so I could go to the party without him. I totally dooped him!
by Pat Crosby June 10, 2008
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Marijuana; the state of being stoned. Derived from "doopy."
Wanna go do some doop?
He is so dooped right now.
by Roger F. Doopie October 06, 2010
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Doop- to use your penis to teabag someone
When that girl passed out at the party, everyone had their hand in getting at least one doop in.
by I. Comi June 09, 2008
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