Verb: Using the penis to Teabag a girl.
"You just got dooped, Bitch"

"Everyone dooped that bitch at the party"
by Comiethehomie June 14, 2008
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A doop is any racist, homophobic, transphobic, or misogynistic boy that thinks it’s a personality trait to be any or all of those things. They are the types of boys to think they are really funny but aren’t because all of their humor revolves around those things.
Girl: Hey did you hear what happened yesterday after school?
Boy: Shut up woman go back to the kitchen
Girl: That’s why you’re a f*cking doop and nobody likes you and you have no friends.
by FuckBoysGetBread June 10, 2020
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When playing Gears of War 2, saying "doop", yelling "doop", screaming "doop", or whispering "doop" in a high pressure 1 V 1-5 situation, is used when runing away from the attackers in a perfect way, coming back with ill wall bounces and two pieces for the win. Commonly used by gk L e G i T and DAXCHAMPIONX
gk L e G i T: "Dude you guys are seriously already dead, what the fuck you guys are garbage."

DAXCHAMPIONX: "Nobody's backin' me up at the snipe"

gk L e G i T: "I told you to get out of there they were flankin' real bad"

(3 Players rushing)

DAXCHAMPIONX: "Man you didn't say shit"

gk L e G i T: "Are you fuckin' serious I told you straight up get-DOOP!

(evades attackers comes back on one with a wall bounce two piece roll back, and continues running)

gk L e G i T (continued): "the fuck out of there they are flanking"


gk L e G i T: "DOOP! Haha I'm tellin' yah everytime you need to run say DOOP and you'll play better hahahah"

(gk L e G i T continues DOOP'n and clutches out the 1 V 4)
by gk L e G i T June 30, 2009
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(verb.) to trick, to steal, or defeat in a remarkable manner
by Mountain Doop May 10, 2011
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An anonymous verb, used in the context of "dooping too hard" or "doop too hard" It could mean anything, it's anyone's guess.
I was in class the other day this guy was dooping so hard, everyone left the room.
by RunawayPigeon May 29, 2014
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1. A clump of chewing tobacco inserted into the lip.
2. The most kick ass form of the word Dip.
3. A delicious and highly addictive substance.

1. When combined with "poop": poop and a doop (or vice versa), it becomes the act of crapping while having chewing tobacco in your lip and is totally awesome.
Russ: Damn that's a big ass doop.

Ryan: Fo sho! You wanna take a fat doop?

Russ: Hell yeah. I'm gonna take a doop and a poop!
by SmokeyJayy March 24, 2010
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