A douchey frat boy who likes moaks/bloops/spliff bowls and enjoys bragging about it!
BRENNAN: Bloops are the best, I'm gonna pack so much doha on the top with some spirit.
JOSH: You're a doop!
by Kenny Rice May 20, 2016
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The audible sound of stupidity. See also d00p pood
"Jeb0r killed his teammate."
Jebor: "DOOP DOOP!"
by RevStan March 4, 2006
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The act of ingesting L.S.D. through the bunghole.
"Judge Kavanaugh, it says here on your calendar that you were, 'dooping'? What is dooping judge?"

"Uh.... It's a drinking game...?"
by Lil Traumatized March 14, 2019
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To run or speed-walk in an odd or unusual fashion. A dooperer is one who doops, and a doopery is where doping commences.
Spazzy person: look at me everyone I'm dooping in a doopery!
Spazzy persons friend: aw man girl you are such a dooperer!
by Spaghetti Tacos September 2, 2010
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To have a bowel movement. The p in poop has been flipped around to form doop.

doop = poop

Only funny, cute people use this word.
"Oh, you gotta get home to take a doop doop?"

"Pull over, I need to doop doop."
by MellyMelMel January 14, 2009
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a diarrhea-poop; squishy but still solid.
After drinking last night, I had a major doop this morning.
by lichelle January 14, 2006
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