s nerve cell that consists of a soma (cell body), dendrites(signal receptors), and an axon (a signal conductor).
when looking at a brain neurons can presume their "fire dance"
by rockwell13 September 14, 2006
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GOD ! The ultimate god.
If you meet him, bend over and let him be YOUR god.
by rorviker March 8, 2003
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A creature that takes the form of a penguin at 97.9% of its social events. Aside from the main necessities of life food, shelder, wank0ring, and clothes, this creature must be found in what can be reffered to as a "Linux Environment". The creature sleeps a maximum of 5 hours a day, and is therefore VERY penguinically efficient.
Brotha... Yo sucha neuron!
by I R GOD March 8, 2003
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Dude - he knows what a portmanteau is. Must be a real neuron.
by Bonneedee June 14, 2011
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Of or relating to neurons from the brain stem to nervous system scattered across the body in different shapes or forms.
The nervous system is a complexity of neuronic structures.
by 1m1m0 September 4, 2022
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My neurons are superior to yours even though I consider my self uneducated. I think I can be a military leader if I wasn't so lazy and unmotivated.
by UmissedME March 29, 2010
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