s nerve cell that consists of a soma (cell body), dendrites(signal receptors), and an axon (a signal conductor).
when looking at a brain neurons can presume their "fire dance"
by rockwell13 September 13, 2006
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GOD ! The ultimate god.
If you meet him, bend over and let him be YOUR god.
by rorviker March 08, 2003
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A creature that takes the form of a penguin at 97.9% of its social events. Aside from the main necessities of life food, shelder, wank0ring, and clothes, this creature must be found in what can be reffered to as a "Linux Environment". The creature sleeps a maximum of 5 hours a day, and is therefore VERY penguinically efficient.
Brotha... Yo sucha neuron!
by I R GOD March 08, 2003
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My neurons are superior to yours even though I consider my self uneducated. I think I can be a military leader if I wasn't so lazy and unmotivated.
by UmissedME March 29, 2010
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It is possible for a person with less brain cells to hijack extra brain cells from a highly intelligent person. The most common method is when a guy sleeps with his girlfriend's head against his while sort of trapping her with his arms. When the person receiving the transfer wakes up they instantly feel smarter and know that it worked. The girlfriend will wake up feeling the same because her neurons and glial cells regenerate at a very rapid rate. This is a symbiotic relationship because the girl is just as smart yet her boyfriend isn't quite as dumb and she doesn't have to put up with his dumb ass as much.
"Im much smarter today. I think the neuron jacking worked last night "
by Challbaby82 June 08, 2016
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