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n. paramedic code for "dyin' nigga act." an overly dramatic and obviously fake act of being in pain. usually performed by welfare abusing pieces of trash in a pathetic attempt to recieve morphine from the medics. this presentation is characterized by obnoxious moaning and groaning, incessant squirming, nonspecific symptoms and screaming in "pain" when the subject is touched anywhere on the body. when asked if they have a particular symptom, the subject will most certainly answer "yes" to nearly any symptom suggested.
medic: "so i understand your leg hurts, sir."
patient: "yeah, i think it done broke."
medic: "how about your head, does your head hurt?"
patient: "yeah, my head kinda hurts too."
medic: "do you have any chest pain?"
patient: (suddenly holding chest)"yeah. ...yeah! as a matter of fact i DO have some o' dat chest pain. been havin' it all day."
medic: (to partner)"dna."
other medic: (nodding, talking under his breath) "totally. this guy ain't gettin' shit from me."
by streetmedic September 01, 2005
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