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Daily Morning Awesomeness
I wake up to see the DMA post on the chive!
by phsjony6288 September 03, 2011
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Do Math Again - Typically used in MMO's when someone miscalculates a math problem.
Player1: You owe me $12.50
Player2: Hey, you ripped me off, its only $10 for what I bought. 5 items @ $2.50 each.
Player1: DMA
by Your name can't be blank Don't December 06, 2009
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Popular slang amoung team fortress 2 players. stands for Dual Maximum Awesomacy. Better than the best by a factor of 2 (hence dual)
poser: dude I pwned tonight
real man: shut up ass balls i was all D.M.A up in that
by Wes Charleson July 22, 2008
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