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The i-phone auto correct for whore.
A: Being a who're is what defines


B: wut?

A: sorry auto correct

B: oh

B: …

B: hey! WTF!
by minmin293 September 09, 2013

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A question most commonly asked to information booths, security guards, waitresses, and lemonade booth employees.
A: (holding it in) hey. Where's the bathroom?!
B:{OMFG! NOT AGAIN!} right behind you sir. Have a nice day. {dumbass}
by minmin293 September 15, 2013

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When a woman's vajayjay is fresh and wrinkly at the same time.
A: Is it true that Ashley has a mint raisin cookie?
B: Never was there a question with which I knew so much about. In other words, totes brah
by minmin293 January 27, 2014

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A video game company most notably known for making the original grand theft autos (i.e. grand theft auto, grand theft auto 2, gta 2 London packs)
The company was soon bought out and renamed Rockstar North.
Dumb guy: DMA? Who's that?
Rockstar makes all of the grand theft autos!
by minmin293 September 11, 2013

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