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A celestial kind of woman, the kryptonite to any person that stands in her way, for example her beauty alone will turn gay men straight and a straight women gay! 1000% hot babe! That even a blind man will say to her as she passes by “DAMN GIRL YOU FINE”.
Pole dancing, shopping, education, and skating are some of her hobbies!, and is willing to skydive, Knows what she wants and goes after it period with no questions asked. Is fearless and confident!
she is so beautiful, even a goddess would envy her divalicious ways!9
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The surpreame degree of elegance, independence and love all wrapped into one. someonewho just shines

see dime betty diamond
"Suni is a cool friend."
"Yeah she is so divalicious."
by Lexx January 24, 2005
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The epitome of a diva, in a positive manner. A female that is independant, confident, worldly, stylish, and all around fabulous.
Damn, did you see Beyonce last night? She was divalicious!!
by goddessinc November 02, 2007
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A diva who has all the characteristics of a diva to an extreme, always has her hair and nails done; always dressed fine; and she's really confident
Beyonce is so divalicious, expecially in her Sasha Fierce songs!
by PrincessR November 23, 2009
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Adj: (
1)a diva, who looks tastes, or is in fact delicious.
2)Usually someone(female)who takes care of buissiness and makes her life delicious on a daily basis.
3)A person who takes time to taste all that life has to offer and enjoys life.
"Man, you see Angel today?"
"yeah, she's soo Divalicious!"
by Daize Throne January 22, 2005
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Divalicious is when someone is being a badass bitch but is still classy and elegant at the same time
"Girl did you see Katie slap her boyfriend since he was cheating but then strut away?" "Omg yes she was so divalicious!"
by #1cutie May 31, 2017
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