To have bad acne, pimples, zits, etc.

(Shortened from the old joke "He has so many zits, (How many does he have?) ...he fell asleep in the library and woke up with a blind man trying to read his face.")
Guy 1: Laurie's really a cute chick; shame about her complexion though.
Guy 2: She needs to get some medicine for that blind man all over her face.
by exitflagger May 1, 2008
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When you bring home a girl and she is too drunk to put out and passes out on you.
You jerk off and cum on her closed eyes. When she wakes up in the morning her eyes are crusted shut and she walks around like a blind man.
Man i brought home that drunk broad from the bar and she just passed out on me. Gave her the blind man and she woke up tripped over my dog and knocked over my lamp.
by defjames May 23, 2014
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When you use a public (or private) bathroom and proceed to "attempt" and piss in the urinal or toilet, but instead manically pee all over anything but the urinal or toilet as if a blind man made his mark. Walls, ceilings, toilet paper, sinks, mirrors, and floors are equally not spared. This is normally done while heavily intoxicated, or if you're an asshole may be completed while sober.
Charlie: Yo man, I'm piss drunk and am definitely pulling a blind man in Meredith's bathroom tonight. Her walls will be covered in golden goodness.

Dave: That's awesome dude! Last night, I drenched my corner bar's bathroom with piss while screaming Al Pacino quotes. HOO-HAH! BITCHES!
by standup69 May 9, 2013
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When you sit on your hand for an extended period of time then proceed to masturbate. Your hand will have gone numb so it feels like someone else is doing it for you.
"Me and Dave combined the Blind man's wank with a Dutch Rudder last night"

"Really? I've got to try that! Sounds like a rush!"
by nialldthaitan September 29, 2010
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To ejaculate into a sexual partners eyes (male of female, preferably female), then to quickly reverse position while the partner rubs the eyes in pain and penetrate the anal cavity with a powerful thrust.
Just givin' the ol' Blind man's folly to Winona really gets me off.


Connor that bastard did the Blind man's folly to me again last night!
by Donald Fagen November 24, 2003
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A party game for the very drunk and very knuckleheaded.
1. Several (3 or more) girls lie on the floor/bed naked.
2. The contestant is blindfolded.
3. The contestant then proceeds to eat out each girl's muff.
4. The aim of the game is for the contestant to correctly guess who he/she is licking out by the taste of the clam and/or the squeals of pleasure (or pain in the case of novices) of the muff owners.
John's skill at blind man's muff was totally astounding. Even when completely slaughtered on the best booze and drugs he still managed to guess every accomplice's identity.
by hermaphrodite September 17, 2004
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A derivation of "tag" played on a jungle-gym where the person who's "it" is blindfolded and all players are not permitted to touch the ground.
I have a killer bruise on my shin from jumping from the slide to the monkey bars, avoiding the person who was "it" while playing blind man's bluff.
by Juan Pedrohijo October 21, 2008
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