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Its the credentials of a male as the number of how many females he has had sex with and the level of performance.
Bob: I'm a virgin
Jeff: You got weak dick game son.
by PussyVomit September 03, 2008
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when a chic gets the dick hard like bricks then fronts on sucking the dick, only wants to lick the head, rubs it around the clit, locks up before the dick goes in the ass and finally jerks you off, till you cum, knowing that she wasn't passing of no ass anyway.
"You know what I came here for Candy, why you starting with the dickgames. You're not gonna be playing pitty pat with my dick and dick on clit tonight. We gettin it in"
by chocladice October 20, 2011
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A game where someone calls out "Dick Game" and everybody grabs there dick and the last person to grab his dick has to do something(take out the trash,pay for dinner,ECT.)
Me* Dick Game!
Friend* Agh Fuck do I really have to pick up the bill.
by Broadwaybarzini March 02, 2015
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Drunk douchebags play the Dick Game when they get bored. It involves the throwing of a projectile (often a cell phone or a Birkenstock sandal) at the opponent's dick. If a guy gets a hit, he shouts, "welcome to the dick game!" in the most douchebag voice possible.

The goal is NOT to hit the opponent's balls. That's really uncool.

Also, the dick game is not at all related to the penis game. That shit's for like 4 year old girls.
"Welcome to the dick game!"
*cough* "What the fuck, asshole, you hit my balls. Not cool!"
by george "get on your knees" September 14, 2008
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