The beginning to every sentence spout from every uneducated, talentless, self-indulgent blowhard sports commentator.
"You talk about a guy who couldn't get work outside of a public bathroom if sports weren't invented, and BOOM, John Madden's name is at the top of that list."
by KCG January 27, 2004
Knowing you fucked up and is afraid to confront them about the situation one on one.
What are you talking about? I didn’t do that?

That wasn’t me I swear.

by Oopsterpoopster December 21, 2019
A statement that can be made when one around you says something that is complete nonsense, like excessive usage of modern internet slang or memes in regular conversation, or can be used in response to incomprehensible subjects.

Originated from voice edits of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White from Breaking Bad in diners
Jesse Pinkman: Yo Mr. White, did you hear that the new egirl bussy was a doomer based cuck?

How about the time he was ratioed in 4k because he was down bad, fr, on God.
Walter White: Jesse what the fuck are you talking about?
by TripleAron May 17, 2022
the meme you see on almost every youtube video
in other words,
a reporter asked Russell Westbrook a question about his basketball match against the Jazz team and Russell Westbrook responded with "what?! bro what are you talking about man?"
Reporter: "Russell, did you guys lose this game or did the Jazz win this one?"
Russell: "what, bro what are you talking about man" (w/o punctuation)
"bro, I'm out man. yall trippin"
by thekaprisunstraw September 11, 2021
Quote from the popular web series 'The Guild'. To shorten it up, it just means 'I don't care'.
Adam: I need a mentor with a penis.

Krystyl: My interest in what you are talking about is low to moderate.
by Ah damn. October 3, 2009
a quote to bring attention to someone repeatedly talking about the same commonly and relevantly known subject.
Person 1: Dude! Did you know Brett Favre is returning to the NFL?

Person 2: Are you still talking about that stripper from last night?
by Jon Bob Long Knob December 21, 2010
1) phrase used to express your general discomfort and/or annoyance with someone else's whining or crying
2) phrase used to communicate that you simply do not care
Malik: "Hey man I aced my culinary exam on types of kitchen knives!"
(5th time today mentioning it)
Jake: "Damn bro, you still talking about it?"
by TheStankiest April 19, 2022