A Suga is a person who is savage. The word originates from the member of (the biggest boyband in the Universe) BTS' Suga who dropped countless MICs on his haters. Rumor has it he still drops MICs till this day. Also, don't mess with him while he is trying to get a nap.
Damn, he went all Suga on them haters I thought it was AGUST D 2.0.
by Pennywise theDancinghope January 8, 2018
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"how do you describe yourself?"
"suga and genius those two words should be enough"
by Xxx-sexualyoongi-xxX January 6, 2018
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A sleepy grandpa, with SWEAG rapping skills, and a gummy smile.

His real name is 'Min Yoongi'

(He is also apart of the Korean boy band BTS )
'Suga' is SWEAG.
by Meli-OAP June 12, 2018
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Rapper of BTS, spits literal bars and will fuck ya up.
"Shit man, that's Suga of BTS, he dangerous."
by ✦ h October 13, 2018
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A smol cat who needs to be protected at all costs
Other names include:
lil meow meow
Agust d
•Yoongi(actual name)
Oof suga is being extra catlike today
by MinSuga123 February 1, 2019
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