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Another term for a D-Class personnel, often used by the D-Class them selves, in the SCP Foundation.
D-Boi, don't go that way, 049 is that way!
by SCP-D-BOI April 17, 2018
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1. (n): An alternate spelling of D-Boy commonly used in Atlanta.

2. (n): More specifically, a drug dealer who is considered "small time", in that they are the ones who actually deliver the product straight to the customer, and report back to their supplier.
1. "You know when you a be like havin' two daddies...A real D-Boi know you gotta get yo OWN work. You don't get high on yo own supply." - "D-Boi" by Outkast

2. "The D-Boi is the one you see on the street corner. He's the one who has to face the hardest hardships. The D-Boi might get shot; or pinched. He's a soldier; he's on the front lines. You gotta have heart to be a D-Boi."
by Hustlamane April 01, 2006
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another name for the Class D Personnel, from the SCP Foundation. mainly popularized after the game developers for SCP Secret Labratory put the Class D's intro name as 'D BOI' and their description was nothing but 'D BOIZ' over and over again.
by Tacticalbananas December 23, 2018
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