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A creepy old man covered in barbecue sauce who kidnaps innocent people and puts them in his sex dungeon.

He was originally a man named Lawrence Weathers, who fought against Germany during World War 1, but then he fell into a dark sticky substance in an abandoned German trench and slowly turned into SCP-106.
SCP-106 just sent another victim to the Pocket Dimension
by MassiveShibe March 2, 2022
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A nerd with large buck teeth and a shitty mustache who spends all day behind a bulletproof window watching hundreds of Class-Ds being slaughtered and devoured by SCPs.

A SCP Scientist doesn’t eat food, he only drinks Soylent as a meal replacement. And they don’t have to worry about anything, because if something in the facility goes wrong, the NTF squad comes to carry them out and kiss their feet.
NTF Guard: That SCP Scientist is such a nerd

NTF Commander: All of them are

NTF Guard: Are we really supposed to rescue those nerd?
by MassiveShibe March 6, 2022
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A peanut that kills people by snapping their neck, but it cannot move while it’s being stared at.
Watch out, SCP-173 is inside that room.
by MassiveShibe March 6, 2022
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A half bird half man abomination who claims to be a doctor. He uses a fictional disease called “The Pestilence” as an excuse to turn innocent people into his sex slaves, referred to as SCP-049-2 instances. He has a health problem that his testicles can’t stop producing jizz, if his balls don’t get drained by his sex slaves via blowjob every 24 hours, his balls swell and become larger than a basketball. SCP-049 is always wearing thick robes as an attempt to hide his swollen testicles.
Thomas: SCP-049 said I have something called The Pestilence and told me to meet him in his surgery room so he can cure me.

Jack: Don’t, The Pestilence isn’t real, he just wants to make you his sex slave.
by MassiveShibe March 2, 2022
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A slur used by Class-D personnel to refer to themselves, but it is considered offensive and socially unacceptable for non Class-Ds to say it.
NTF Commander: drop your weapon, D-Boy.

Class-D: You can’t say that.
by MassiveShibe March 6, 2022
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A squad responsible for dealing with containment breaches and keeping the SCP foundation safe in general, although they do a terrible job at that.

The soldiers have low intelligence and are equipped with airsoft equipment and grenades.

When a containment breach happens, they usually die before even getting inside the facility, they either die because someone threw a grenade in the elevator, or because a SCP killed them all in the elevator.
The Nine Tailed Fox is the worst squad in the world
by MassiveShibe March 6, 2022
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