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a drug dealer...
Andre: i fronted a 8 ball from dis D boy at 3 o clock yesterday
Robert: u sold dat shit?
Andre: yea but at 5 o clock he wantd da money....
by k2 December 02, 2003
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a sexy bootylicious temptress whose itty bitty waist and the round thing on your face will get you SPRUNG.
Sir Mix-a-lot wrote his song "I like big butts" after he met Iram
by K2 October 20, 2004
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Unimpressive; lame.
See teh suck
The prior examples are geigh.
by k2 January 18, 2003
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DSJ originates from Scotland and is a character known to make strange sounds during conversation. DSJ is also well known for "thrusting" in the admin office. DSJ has a multitude of ties, which symbolise his cosmic engergy.

DSJ has framed photos of those in Orange robes and worships these daily.

The term DSJ is derrived from the initials of a name that no longer can be remembered due to the introduction of the term DSJ.
Approved- DSJ
by k2 May 12, 2004
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A person who is always taking poops.
Kyle crayon is a shartmonger.
by k2 November 28, 2004
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The ghettoest city in New Hampshire.
Where ya chillin?
P-town yo
by K2 December 21, 2003
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