To experience Déjà vu, as I was once told by a video game playing friend, is when you have died in real life and gone back to a previous 'Checkpoint'. Déjà vu just means that you can remember something from a life lost.
Me: Whoa, weirdest feeling of Déjà vu

Nathan: Whatever you think you should do, don't do it. It didn't work last time

Me: What the fuck are you on about?

Nathan: Mate, you lost a life just be careful, you don't know how many you have left
by Scotch Jock December 31, 2022
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When an experience happens, you might feel like you've gone through that experience in the past even though you haven't.
I'm a having a déjà vu, man. I could've sworn I saw this bowling alley before!
by jbs1222 July 19, 2015
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the feeling when something has happened before when infact is is a brand new experiance to the person.

scientists think its when one side of your brain is working a few seconds or even milli seconds faster than the other side.
guy: wow i think this has happened before.

girl: no it hasnt its one side of your brain working faster than the other.

guy: thanks for ruining my theories of Déjà vu.
by AlExSwOrD April 17, 2010
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Déjà vu is the experience of being certain that you have experienced or seen a new situation previously – you feel as though the event has already happened or is repeating itself. The experience is usually accompanied by a strong sense of familiarity and a sense of eeriness, strangeness, or weirdness. The “previous” experience is usually attributed to a dream, but sometimes there is a firm sense that it has truly occurred in the past.
Dude, I get Déjà Vu all the time.
by PineappleJuice March 25, 2015
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1. Sarcastically highlights moments in film or television that viewers find trite; inferring the moment is cliché, and could’ve been used in the trailer, preview, or sneak peek, as a means of generating hype. When used, the term embodies a condemnation of Hollywood cinema, the failure to innovate, and a reliance on cinematic clichés as a means attracting, and maintaining the appeal of a broader audience. Examples are often defined as corny; and identified in scenes described with intense action, powerful emotion, witty one-liners, or general “awe”.

Not to be confused with Trailer moment; Trailer déjà vu refers to instances not actually found in the theatrical trailer, preview, or sneak peek.
That scene just gave me a wicked case of trailer déjà vu; it was so corny, I can’t believe they didn’t use it in the trailer.
by Jrskow July 16, 2011
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the moment when you are listening to a song on the radio, change stations, and hear the exact same song playing.
didn't we just hear that song playing?" "yeah man, total radio déjà vu!
by barness910 August 3, 2011
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(noun) - The feeling you get while jerking off to a video of your ex-girlfriend on the internet (that you posted) in which you are having sex with her.
<ring ring> hello?

What the hell's your problem? You posted a video of us having sex on the internet after i broke up with you!?

Oh ya, and i had some wicked jerk off déjà vu last night.


by Noro Machine August 7, 2010
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