Czarina is a strong woman, with a heart of gold. She's a social butterfly and cares immensely about her relationships. Czarina is very smart and very beautiful both inside and out. She has a smile that can light up the darkest of rooms. She has many talents and is naturally gifted. Czarina is the type of person you meet and feel blessed to have encountered. She's an incredibly sweet and wonderful person, a joy to be around. She will succeed in anything she does, as long as she puts her mind to it. Any guy would be lucky to have her. She is special and the type of woman who only comes across once (maybe twice if you're really lucky) in a lifetime. She can act like your annoying little sister, and you can't help but laugh when she does because she is SO funny. She wants to bring happiness to others and is likely to be remembered for her source of pure joy. She's a great friend to have and an inspiration to talk to. You love her from the moment you meet her and consider it a gift to watch her grow and become her own person. With all the potential to bring such strength, beauty, joy, inspiration, and love to the world, Czarina is the only one who can truly live up to her name.
~*On Czarina's Birthday*~

World: I wonder if anything interesting is going to happen today?
God: Look out world, I'm sending one of my best.
by the winds of change March 26, 2021
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A very smart, shy girl who always smiles and treats everyone equally. She has a very kind heart and always loves to help others. She's very pretty but sometimes suffers depression . She loves everyone and she's very funny . I like her and i know one day she would be someone in history maybe The smartest girl in the world who knows? She's gorgeous and i would never forget her.
Czarina is a very smart shy girl !
by Valedictorian,the smartest November 18, 2018
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An amazing hot girl who is funny And amazing she one of those girls that's the one and everyone likes her
Czarina = hot
by Thebeastman November 14, 2013
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A girl who look like a cartoon character "Pucca" and she is one of a kind, she may not perfect but when you know half of her, you'll fall into her easily.
"Hey you're so beautiful and kind just like Czarina."
by st.marysexdoll February 10, 2019
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Czarina, meaning an empress or a female ruler, she is strong, witty, smart, understanding, hardworker and cute.
Czarina’s are the definition of someone loyal and someone that would never dare to replace since once become dear to her heart she would love you with all of her heart, someone you could always open up to, vent to and cave in..

Czarinas are friendly and open to all opportunities that arises and is eager to learn, unfold and explore the world with you! They could sometimes be shy and stubborn but deep inside they love you very deeply and would take care of you more than anything else, as if you were her own world, so don’t you dare to hurt her and love her with all of her heart since she gives everything she has. She is a strong and responsible woman and someone who could lift you up even by just looking at her eyes as she is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous sight you could have ever see.
Czarina is always charming in a billion of ways, and she lights up the world like there is nobody but her in your life.
Her smiles grants the broken pasts and the decades more to come to brighten it up and fix those broken feelings because being with her clears every bad thoughts in your mind.

She is not afraid to take each steps with you risks and hardships are nothing to her as she loves you with all of her strength she is everything you could ever want.. her eyes could bring up millions of butterflies in your stomach as if she is your home and all the comfort you could ever get when your down she would always lift you up. She is insecure about herself but you need to show her how much she truly means to you.

Only if I could give her my eyes then she would know how cute and pretty she is, and give her all of me, my heart and soul and vow to protect and always be there for her and wait as many years as the stars in the night sky drifts away from the moon, but to me no matter what time and place it is my love for her grows stronger and closer everyday and I have faith in what I see.. and faith is you without you I am hopeless, empty and lost within the world we was bound to create is now half built along with all the precious memories and gift and happiness you’ve brought upon me ever since you came into my life would disappear.. I can’t let that happen so you better not lose your Czarina too no matter what happen, cause I won’t.

I love you Czarina my Empress <3 > J
by Naji Paisen March 19, 2022
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a bad ass chick. fun, funny, shy at times, just an overall awesome person
OMG czarina is such a funny chick!
by GreyBones December 8, 2010
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