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Empress is someone is extremely outgoing and in general a fun, loving person. An Empress is absolutely beautiful and most guys find her very attractive but are afraid of telling her because she so "out there". But you should tell her because she doesn't often feel beautiful. She's SUPER funny and makes people life without even trying. Everyone is drawn to Empress for some strange reason. She's pretty talkative but if you entrust her with something she won't say a word. She's a very sensitive person and can easily become too attached to things. Empress is also multi-talented and seems to be AMAZING at everything! She's definitely a girl to keep around and will do big things in the future.
WOW! That girl is amazing, she must be an Empress!
by YAGGGAU May 19, 2018
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A Jamaican name for his soulmate or his queen.
Empress yo so fine, ever looking fine, young gal u make my love life shine.
by Babyrosh May 11, 2005
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One who rules over others by beauty and brains. Her alabaster skin and natural pearls give her an unfair advantage over all others
The Empress easily persauded Chang to do her bidding, thereby accomplishing the goals of Tabasco and Natasha.
by chaseoff May 27, 2014
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