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a pretty, funny, adorable, smart person that is not afraid to speak up. she can be childish sometimes (when she's in a good mood) but still mature.
by miko.blehh March 19, 2013
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A bit awkward, but once you get to know her she will be the best thing you have ever had. She falls hard for one boy and has trouble moving on and can seem a bit aggressive but she is beautiful and she laughs very easily. She enjoys joking around but if you get on her bad side... you better back the fuck up before you get smacked the fuck up. She can start conversations when she’s in the mood but if something bad happens it ruins her entire month. Usually Taurus, and can be friends with anyone if she really wants to be. She is a wild thing, one in a million, never lose a Cydnei.. you’ll never know how much you mean to her.
Whose the new girl?”

Hot damn it’s that Cydnei chick”
by Dr.Deer May 28, 2018
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Girl that’s sexy asf, usually tries to make conversations with whomever adores and may tell you a lot ab her life buts she’s not vain just stressed.. hit her up if you ever even have the chance she’s hard to get and easy to lose.. have a listening ear if you want to be her friend and always make the first move.. only lied to save herself or her friends.. never lies ab anything else.. hard to understand easy to be great friends with maybe even more......
Daaaaaaamn who is that??
Shit doode that’s fucking Cydnei!!!
Hold this imma go talk to her..
by Dr.Deer June 03, 2018
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