used to answer someone when they are looking for something, whether you don't know where it is, you ACTUALLY ate it, or if you feel like sitting back and laughing at them while they look for the thing even though you know where it is.

If a person is asking for the where-abouts of a female, the scenario could have some sexual undertones. (I ate her).
Scenario 1;
1: Hey have you seen the cookies?
2: I ate it.

(in the above senario, person no.2 ate "it" not them, therefore it ambigous as to whether he actually ate the cookies.)

Scenario 2;
1: Have you seen my top?
2: I ate it.

Scenario 3;
1: Have you seen dad?
2: I ate him.
by Gustus February 1, 2008
Meaning you overcame what someone or something tried to do to you
*Steve gets punched by Tom...
Steve: "I ate that!"
by Bubbles358 March 25, 2017
when you slayed something 😍😍
when u do something at it’s good
i make a edit
someone : it’s bad
me : girl stfu i ate
by yourllythoughtuate January 23, 2022
Used to take an already impressive story or anecdote and crank it up to 11. Appended to the end of said tale as a means of making it even more unbelievable. Derived from one of the greatest Tim Horton's menu items of all time, the Bread Bowl, and its associated ad campaign, which involved a bystander overhearing that Tim Horton's chili or soup was so good, the orator subsequently eats the bowl it came in; the bystander of course not knowing the bowl itself was made of bread.
Guy A: "So what did you get up to last night?"

Guy B: "Dude! It was insane. I pounded back a 40 to myself, smoked a joint the size of a jiffy marker, puked, fell in the pool, and ended up sleeping with my buddy's mom."

Guy A: "Wow, that's the craziest shit I've ever hear..."

Guy B: "...and then I ate the bowl."

Guy A: "Fuck, do you have a church I can join?"
by Thousand March 31, 2009
I ate a cat means that earlier you ate so much that you can't eat the current meal.
If you ate a big breakfast you might say I can't eat lunch, I ate a cat.
by CrashDesigns January 17, 2023
When you fall, trip, or tumble hard with great force
Dude! I ate it hard after going off that jump!
by MyLILpony January 25, 2011