An Overweight person usually seen with a wad of chewing tobacco in his lower lip. This "curry" likes to drive and on certain occasions can drink in access of over 17 beers.

He is also an quick thinker and has many inventions to his name.
"Hey look at that curry!"
"Yeah, he must be drunk."
by sweatyfarts May 09, 2010
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some punkass bitch that likes to talk shit and steal people's girlfriends away from them
Yea, Curry needs his ass kicked today
by urbestwhodi February 16, 2005
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Yes this is a persons real name. I know. Don't get to upset though because she's pretty darn awesome!!! She's so pretty and tall. Great at sports. Loves Disney. If you mess with her she'll Beat your little white butt. Her volleyball skill are A1 and her smile can light up the room. Also, she's probably allergic to the real curry.
"Hey editors, can you put Curry in Urban Dictionary? Pretty please?"
by Helloitsyourgirl89 March 08, 2019
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1) A reference to a female of Indian descent.

2) A reference to the genitalia of an Indian female.
Check out Sajani! That curry bitch is HOT.


Dude, your girl Taj is fine, but she seems uptight. Has she given up the curry yet?
by Jordan in Atlanta September 09, 2007
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