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when you are forced to work past your normal quitting time
I missed my daughter's wedding because my jerk ass boss curried me
by llvdoc September 5, 2017
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A series of medical and personal problems caused by having large cocks in your butthole. The stretched out butthole allows too much body heat to escape which means its too cold for work except for during the summer time. A loud voice is also common with this syndrome, its thought to be caused by years of yelling more cock, I need more cock, dont stop !!
Darrell was unable to work for 9 months due to his cocks in the ass syndrome.
by llvdoc May 2, 2022
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driving extra slow and cautious as not to smear the shit around any more, not really wanting to get where you are going because you have a shit stain on your pants
that guy in the Prius is driving like he shit his pants
by llvdoc September 6, 2017
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