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The rebuttal to the feminist use of the word "mansplaining". Used as a counter to their attempt to suppress arguments through a dismissal from buzzwords.
I'll stop mansplaining when you stop cuntplaining!
by Cognitive Dissident February 02, 2017
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cuntplaining is when a women complains about something that isn't merely an insignificant problem, but not a problem at all.
cuntplaining examples:
Men sitting with their legs apart oppresses me

Video game characters with big butts make me sad because i don't have a big butt

Its cold and the AC is on too high

When i beat up my boyfriend he doesn't fight back enough

People want to have sex with me

People give me compliments
by xeno6969 October 12, 2016
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It's used by women (mostly) who complain in a snide, bitchy, nasty manner, usually directed at men.
The female vehicle owner breaks down whilst driving her car to work, her car is towed to an authorised mechanic. The mechanic is polite and tries to explain that she has "cooked" her motor and that regular maintenance wasn't adhered to. She complains that she doesn't understand and acts like a nasty bitch to the person trying to help. She is Cuntplaining
by Exavia11 September 12, 2016
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What women who acknowledges mansplaining as a word does when complaining about it.
1: Well mansplaining is totally not something that women does when they're explaining as a regular person

2: stop cuntplaining, cunt.
by nvrd October 06, 2017
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When someone complains about a problem, but doesn't want help or advice on how to address said issue. As well, said person does not specify that they do not want help/advice.

Usually how someone complains about "Mansplaining" or "Giving an explanation that is unsolicited, or unwanted"
Person who is Cuntplaining: "Ugh, trying to print a document, why is MS Word such a PITA..."

Also Cuntsplainer: "I wish people would stop talking to me like I don't know what I'm doing... #Mansplaining"
by JFPMyeah November 03, 2017
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