An alternative way of saying "Funny Cunt". By switching the first letters of each word one does not actually have to say the word "cunt".
by Cunny Funt July 6, 2003
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the act of being a cunny funt is the act of being funny. It is mainly an australian used word it describes being a funny cunt. less of an insult and more praise
fuck tom dylan you're a cunny funt aye
by itsyaboiskinnypenis01 April 19, 2018
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An easy to say funny cunt without the need to say the word cunt. (best used in classroom situations, or places where bad language is not accepted)
when someone mke fun of you or makes a bad attempt to make fun of you, you say..
Yeah ur a cunny-funt
by TheCat May 9, 2003
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A nicer way of saying fucking cunt. Mostly used instead of mad lad or other terms. Highly recommended if you want to make friends.
Shane Dawson: ay nigga, whats your cat up to?
Person #1: nothing much...
Shane Dawson: can i rape it?
Person #1: what a cunny funt
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