A Master of Tounge Foo, one who gives excellent oral sex to a Woman.
I give girls the best head ever, I'm the Cunnilinguist.
by Josh West March 19, 2004
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Performing oral sex on a woman at a professional level.

Being a God at cunnilingus

A person that can eat vagina better than anyone else.
Jessica: My date went down on me last night and he is a true cunnilinguist. I have never had that many orgasms in my life! I want to marry him!

Sherry: You have to meet my friend Jeff . He is a cunnilinguist. His tongue will blow your mind!
by Sol goode September 6, 2015
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1. Someone accomplished in the art of cunnilingus; especially one who is well versed in several styles of pussy eating, more so on women of races other than his/her own.

2. A scholar dedicated to the scientific study, artful application and advancement of cunnilingus.
Sally, I would never allow anyone near my beaver unless he was a certified cunnilinguist. Not those online degrees or Phoenix university types either. Only Ivy leaguers for this snatch!

Sir Lickslalot trotted up to the city walls on his trusted steed. Hordes of women welcomed him with flowers, grain and other offerings. His reputation as a famous cunnilinguist preceeded him.
by fffffraewfwerqgRogue Indian February 29, 2020
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Someone who can turn a girl on just by talking
He started to speak and I was so turned on I swear he's a cunnilinguist
by GoggleboxUK May 11, 2015
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An individual that sucks at their own language.
Them: "So I went to there house party..."
You: "You're such a cunnilinguist! It's 'their' house party"
by RobstaHendricks March 23, 2011
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one who is such an expert at cunnilingus, it is as if one speaks to the pussy
I am a raw cunnilinguist.
by Big Trucker Al January 16, 2010
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