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The most badass family to ever live. Known for their natural strength and ability to fight.
Ali could fight, but he was nothing compared to a Cundiff.
by Monkeyboy February 14, 2005
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To choke when everyone is counting on you; To be a giant failure at accomplishing a sure thing; A reference to ex-ravens kicker Billy Cundiff missing the game tying kick in the 2012 AFC Championship
Can you believe Chad struck out in kickball? He's such a damn cundiff
by tootall34 January 22, 2012
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To miss and choke a NFL game winning or saving field goal wide left from a close distance, such as inside the 35-yard line where most professional kickers make every kick. Applied more liberally, to miss or choke something very easy that you are expected to always make.
"Wow, I can't believe I cundiff'd that shot. I was so close and make it every time."
by billy_cundiff January 25, 2012
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