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A cum drop is in fact a large droplet of semen that typically falls from whatever place the man has just deposited it. Usually this will be falling from either the vagina or the chin/mouth as typically the man will deposit his semen on or in these places. It is rare to get a cum drop off of the breasts as generally that semen should be rubbed around and spread thin over them.
Man, the other night I was fuckin' my girl in her pussy right, and she was on top of me and I blew my nut all up deep inside them beef curtains! Then she got up to get off me and I got hit by a huge fuckin' CUM DROP right on my thigh!
by AndyCapp April 06, 2010
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The droplets one exudes from one's penis in an excited manner. Cumdrops can be found in the Peruvian rainforests of Nepal and also in your unwashed sheets.
Wow, thats a nasty case of cumdrops!

Wow, i got cumdrops in my eye, oh the pain, oh the humanity
by david miller June 22, 2003
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When cum drips out of a pussy usually in the form of a drop
Karren waited for the cumdrop to fall out of Lori's pussy that david shot into her pussy.
by mesohorny September 05, 2002
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similar to gum drops, just made from semen instead of sugar
My girlfriend really enjoyed the cum drops that I put in her mouth
by so big June 09, 2013
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After the guy ejaculates in the woman and pulls out, she shakes her ass up and down to get all the cum out. Basically as if she were twerking, but has an icky sticky surprise.
by daddy's bad little bitch August 16, 2018
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