A group that is self-serving, does not benefit society or it's own members, usually has a charismatic leader, and is know to "disconnect" from anyone who is not part of it. They usually charge large sums of money to get in and stay in.
The cult of $cientology has been proven to be one of the most abusive and intimidating cults in the world. Anyone that speaks out against it is subjected to what is called "Fair Game", where you can be harassed, sued, lied to, tricked, beaten, or even raped or killed.
by ak-anonymous May 14, 2008
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dictionary definition a system of religious worship or devoted attachment to a person principle etc or a sect

technically then all religions are cults
Hey what religious affiliation have you?
I'm a Christian.
Oh, you belong to a cult?
No, I'm Christian. That's not a cult.
Technically it is.
by conro April 22, 2008
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A nice place where the truth is always told. Cults don't corrupt your brain at all.
Timmy: Mommy, let's go to the cult meeting!
Mom: That'll be fun for the whole family!
by Little Jimmy Noobtron July 20, 2013
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Any type of organization, generally religious, that uses Subliminal mind control on it's members. The purpose of which is to steal members labor, money, power, position, fame, wealth, and / or influence.
The Cult utilized their undue influence on their member victims, to take anything they could and all assets deemed to have any value.
by cer1056 February 03, 2020
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Zeph: bro want to come vape at elevation?

Good logical person: nah that place is a cult
by GirthWindAndFire January 07, 2018
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Guy 1:Don't drink the Kool-aid man it was made by a cult
Guy 2:*Drink*
Guy 1:Moron
Guy 2 dies
by RobScheflo May 05, 2008
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