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To adorn a notebook or bedroom with Twilight related phrases such as "EDWARD CULLEN IS SO HAWT!!!" and "VAMPIRES ARE BETTER LOVERS <3" This is a typical behavior of middle school girls.
Tiffany cullenated her room after she saw "Twilight" in theatres 5 nights in a row.
by dexbuddy December 06, 2008
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The act of biting someones arm, piercing their flesh so that blood trickles onto their hand and onto the floor, then licking it off their arm, enjoying the taste of it.

A person who partictipates in this activity is called a Cullenator.
"Do you know. Emily likes to Cullenate. You can tell by the bloodstains on her hand!"

"Hey Carla is such a Cullenator!"
by Jennypapiasta August 30, 2009
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