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An individual who collects underwear from ex-girlfriends, one night stands and the such.
"Hey Allison. Did you ever find your underwear?"

"No. I think Tim's a panty bandit."

"You should really call the Panty Bandit Denaturalization Commitee. They really are world class in bringing lost panties back to their rightful owners."
by Kevin20012001 May 29, 2006
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Anyone who sneaks into a woman's dirty laundry, to get some of her dirty panties to smell and fantasize about her, while either pleasing them self or a lover pleasing them.
In order to be a panty bandit, you have to successfully sneak into a woman's dirty laundry and steal her dirty soiled panties successfully at least four times.
by panty bandit January 24, 2018
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