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A person who’s aware that the person they’re dating is fucking another person and does nothing/ can’t do anything about it
Josh is a fucking cuk bro, his girlfriend is doing shit with Nate but he’s so afraid about ending his relationship he doesn’t say shit
by Local anonymous weab June 04, 2018
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a bitch, a whore, a slut that lies to her b/f's about everything; i.e. Stormie
Jake: Dude look, its Stormie.
Aric: I fuckin hate that cuk
Ryan: HA HA.......cuk
by Aric June 15, 2004
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1)a word that meshes both words: cum and fuck

2)the act of fucking cum
(yeah, fucking cum is possible.. try it.)
1) Chris says: I totally cum fucked that giraffe
Kayla says: You mean you cukked it?!

2) D00D! Maggie just cukked!! Pass it on, she's such a pro cukker!
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someone who "swallows the wrong way"
That cuk didn't know what she was doing.
by ghost December 07, 2004
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