Literal Definition: "A short, thick stick used as a weapon"

So basically any dude with a huge truck.
Girl 1: "How was it??"
Girl 2: "Meh, his dick was a cudgel."

"That douche bag is a major cudgel."
by Jude Love October 24, 2017
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A long, skinny penis that is far longer than it is wide. Known to be as thin as a number 2 pencil, and on average the thickness of a thumb. Essentially the opposite of a chode (Penis that is wider than it is long).
Because peter had a cudgel, he had to pull down his pants and unravel it like a fruit by the foot in order to go to the bathroom.
by Levator Palpebrae Superioris October 20, 2009
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A stout, oblong, wooden cudgel approximately 12 inches in length used by the Irish mob as an interrogation aid. The subject is often bent over a bar with their pants down, while said object is placed firmly against the rectum for "leverage". The further implied uses of the probe are clear.
Ya' feel that there Tommy boy? Ya knows what that is, now don't ya'. Right you are lad, it's me old ass cudgel. Now I'll only be asking ya' this one time boyo....
by The_Judgel December 22, 2010
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A open palmed slap to the female genitals.

The male version of this slap is the ball tag. Typically has to be called before the act so that it is fair game.
Nolan: I cooter cudgeled Emily with with a knitting needle last night!
by Dick McFeely February 24, 2005
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Should you break the law, I shall unzip and break YOU with my flesh cudgel.
by Bozilas March 21, 2003
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That which can be dismissed by evidence can be asserted, bigly. Believe me.
B.oB. used Trump's Cudgel to defend his position on the shape of the Earth.
by DJ Trainwreck March 1, 2017
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Unless I can crank my cudgel before we leave, I'll be in a bad mood all day.
by Usmafia86 July 27, 2022
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