When you're running for president and your penchant for hyperbole outpaces your command of the English language.
by Manfish77 October 19, 2016
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The adverb of the word "Big". Great sized, not huge, but definitely large.
That programme is bigly annoying.
She is bigly popular.
by Gerard B April 05, 2006
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When somebody attempts to use the phrase big-league but cannot due to constant sniffing caused by injections of bits of human foetus and baby seal in the nasal cavity (an alternative treatment for the rare condition Orange-Duck Face).
Phrase coined by Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.
"Hi, I know we just met, but I'm Donald Trump so show me them titties cause I'm bigly."
"Wait, why am I even asking? I'm bigly."
"Now that is one bigly wooden cross.... who's lighting it?"
"Where do I stand on women? I don't stand on them, I lay on them, bigly."
"My position on women? Doggystyle, bigly doggystyle."
"If tax-evasion was baseball, I'd be in the bigly, I'm Babe Ruth son."
"My policies are a joke? Your mom's a joke, bigly *sniffing sound* so so bigly"
"Trust me Bushy, my lawyers are bigly, Sexual Harassment cases: 67/67 bra"
"Trump Tower, grabbing random pussy, everything about me is bigly."
by IceFergLettuce October 21, 2016
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Mistaken spelling and pronunciation of the words "Big League" as used by Donald Trump as he describes something that is "immense," "top drawer," or merely "very important." He can use the phrase as both an adverb and as an adjective.
Trump: "I'm going to cut taxes big league (not bigly), and you, Hillary, are going to raise taxes big league.

Trump: My policies on immigration will drive big league (not bigly) enhancements to National Security.
by FTom October 24, 2016
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