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When A Man Inserts One End Of The Cucumber Into His Anus & The Woman Inserts The Other End Into Her Vagina And Begins Too Thrust, That My Friends Is The Cucumber Sandwich!

By Ramos The Barbarian.
Steven- “I Had A Cucumber Sandwich Last Night!”
David- “Oh Man, What Was That like?”
Steven- “A Tad Crumby, Dude.”
by Ramos The Barbarian June 02, 2018
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Noun. A man with a small penis. Named after the popular British tea sandwich which, though tasty, is not quite filling and leaves you wanting more.
"Oh, I had a cucumber sandwich last night but I really needed a biscuit to curb my hunger."
by Kitterbang February 17, 2010
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A new sexual position where the male wraps the females vaginal lips around his penis and repeatedly thrusts and mates with the lips until he cums. The womans vagina is sometimes called a ham sandwich, if you take out the ham and put a penis, it represents a cucumber sandwich of cucumber, bread, and mayonaisse. Thus the name cucumber sandwich.
Boy 1: Hey did you hear? Angelina got cucumber sandwiched by Brad.
Boy 2: I've always wanted to try that with a girl.
by da bae February 21, 2015
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1. The poshest food you could ever eat. Especially if eaten with mayonniaise and a cup of tea, and followed by a scone with jam and cream.

Usually enjoyed by people living in London, especially near Windsor.

2. An insulting name for a posh person

3. For a man to cum on another mans ass them rub their ass cheeks againt theirs thus spreading the cum up and between both pairs of cheeks.
1. "oooh Godphrey! I think i'll enjoy a nice cucumber sandwich and a small cup of Earl Grey with lemon! Tish Tosh."

2. "You can't eat ice-cream with a fork!!!... U fucking cucumber sandwich!"

3. "Me and my gay lover were going through a sexual rut, so we decided to try a cucumber sandwich"
by DiamondSerpant March 25, 2007
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