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A Cuckus is a Person who is at a extreme annoyance to you, Its is often used as an insult.
A Cuckus is a missed worded way to say dick sucker or fucker. It can be used while aggressive playing video games when trying to be family friendly.
You're a Fricking Cukus
This God damn Cuckus Killed me! What the hell!
by _M1TCh_ May 21, 2018
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-hair that is curly and matted, in desperate need of a trim

-with short faded hair, when the bottom starts to get a curl to it, typically at the 1/4" length, making it necessary to break out the #1 clippers.
damn shaggy! you need to go cut that cuckus
by MIKE D August 11, 2004
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Somebody who is 15 or older and still isnt allowed to live like an real teenager and doest speak up to their parents.
Brandon is such a cuckus because he cant use his xbox past 7:30 PM.
by Dontworryboutit2002 May 07, 2018
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