Verb: During a blowjob, when a girl senses the guy is about to climax, rather than keeping a slow and steady pace, she starts working the guy's rod like she's trying to start a fire (speeding up to the point of discomfort).
"Dude, the bj was going great until the end when she cub-scouted my dick"

"Dude, (girl's name) rubs me raw when she's giving head"
"Maybe you should say something so she doesn't feel the need to go all cub-scout on you"
by Stephouse February 15, 2010
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When pumas or cougars are out in the clubs/bar on the prowl for younger men cubs.
Last night Sheryl was cub scouting and hooked up with a nineteen year old. Maybe he'll earn an oral badge.
by Pack Leader October 6, 2008
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When you are fingered by a person with three fingers. Like the cub scout promise sign
"Hey i got cub scouted last night. He tried for four but i couldnt hack it."
by luzbuz February 24, 2009
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This is a person who attempts to find cubsfor his/her friend. Similiar to a Yenta, only gay.
Good Cub Scout - "Shaun, I found you a hot cub. He plays on the rugby team and has a goatee!"

Bad Cub Scout - "Shaun, I found you a cub. He's deaf, blind, mute and walks with a limp. But he's alive -- just your type!"
by John Nguyen April 17, 2006
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A sexual fetish based on three core principles: Honor, Integrity, and Rimming.
At scout camp the scout master made everyone give him a cub scout special.
by UtahZombie November 30, 2009
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Sounds ominous, but literally translates as listening with undivided attention.
It's nice to see everyone wailing on the cub scout for a change. Now, please provide a helmet for the button-maker, chop chop.
by Johnny Eightball June 11, 2004
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one of the best things to say as you are leaving a social event.
group: "see ya kurt!"

kurt: "peace out cub scout."
by kurticus June 12, 2007
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