16 definitions by Johnny Eightball

Acronym for Apple Pie I'd Like to Fuck, a trend that was made popular by the film "American Pie."
I got so worked up thinking about this aplif I saw on TV that I had to go by a 7-11 to get some Hostess snacks to smear on my genitalia and anus.
by Johnny Eightball July 08, 2004
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Nothing gets me off more than going down to that dirty guinea Guiseppe's place to uncork my clam sauce on some of the lilf that he regularly serves up. Now that's a spicy meatball!
by Johnny Eightball July 08, 2004
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Having just had his Missouri compromise trimmed, Enos Truffler decided to eat some leftover honey-baked ham sandwiches that his XXX porn star wife Portia Mercedes made for him the previous Sunday. He put all the fixings on it and washed it all down with a Mountain Dew. Then Enos read some of the newspaper and washed his truck. We're gonna miss him when he dies.
by Johnny Eightball June 10, 2004
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This is a term for a refreshing summer shower usually resulting in a brilliant rainbow.
I love it when the skies open up and pee on the Olson twins. It reminds me of childhood. And lasers for some reason.
by Johnny Eightball June 14, 2004
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A really bad mistake that's not worth repeating ever again. EVER. I mean, come on. What the fuck is wrong with this country anyway?
"I had the runs so bad today from that 2am Taco Bell trip."

"Well, don't pull a Bush for President and go back again."
by Johnny Eightball August 19, 2004
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Local gang in Pittsburgh known for having small pebble like teeth and thick glasses.
"Aaaaaaah Leeeeeeaaaaaaaah, come out to playeeeaaay!"

"Shit! Run for it, it's Hell's Donnie Irises!"
by Johnny Eightball June 11, 2004
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Just seeing that knock-out qilf on the box of Quaker Oats sends me scrambling out to the garage where I furiously masturbate with hopes that my Mennonite neighbor's children might see me.
by Johnny Eightball July 08, 2004
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