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Although you may read that White Sox fans are vulgar in their bashing of the Chicago Cubs and their fans, Chicago Cubs fans do the same thing. The only difference between Sox fans and Cub fans is that when Sox fans make fun of the other team and their fans, they know what they are talking about. Most Chicago Cub fans know nothing about baseball. Half of them can't name 3 players on the Cubs starting line-up. Most Cub fans will claim that the Sox suck even if they are in 1st, 3 games ahead of the second place team, while the cubs are in second to last only ahead of the Pirates. Cub fans often make fun of the Sox over things that make no sense and have nothing to do with baseball.
Cub Fan: Gosh, the Sox suck so bad this year. Cubs rock!!

Sox Fan: Hey, what's the Cubs first baseman's name again?

Cub Fan: I don't know.

Sox Fan: And what place are the Cubs in?

Cubs Fan: I don't know.

Sox Fan: Cub fans are so annoying.
by whitesoxdude August 20, 2010
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