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Noun. A receptacle into which a person voids their bodily refuse whilst driving. Said receptacle is often thrown out the window of a moving vehicle like a bomb from a plane.

Gatorade RAIN bottles are a choice vessel for creating a trucker bomb due the large size of the bottle's mouth, which allows a man to place his cudgel inside, therefore eliminating the risk of urination on oneself.
Jimmy the Trucker calls rest stops "homo hangouts". "I never mix it up with those fags," he said. "I just piss me up a trucker bomb and side-arm that monkey out the window. I also shit in Wal-Mart bags while I'm all fucked up on Oxy and Mountain Dew. Keep on truckin!"
by C 2 Shine N C July 21, 2007

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The preferred nickname of Oswaldo Sanchez, goalkeeper for the Mexican national soccer team.
"I was there when DaMarcus Beasley scored that beautiful goal on Dirty Sanchez and the US went on to beat Mexico 2-0 in Columbus and qualify for the World Cup."

Sam's Army: "DIR-TY SAN-CHEZ" (clap-clap, clap-clap-clap)
by C 2 Shine N C January 02, 2007

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The worst fans of any sports team in the history of the world. Characterized by the ability to yell, "YAAAAAY, Cubbies!" like a 12 year old girl, and an incessant need to tell other teams' fans that they suck... even as the Cubs lose... again.

It is believed Cubs fans breathe through a particular speech process, which requires them to describe the high prices of concessions at Wrigley Field, thus announcing the great wealth they perceive themselves to possess. Social structure amongst Cubs fans is based upon the number of times an individual can appear on television; researchers believe this explains why Wrigley Field sells out and why Cubs fans always dress like New Jerseyite teenage girls at the mall. Little is known about their reproductive habits, although it is believed to involve large amounts of cheap alcohol and roofies.

There are two main varieties of Cubs fan: male and female.

The male variety is characterized as a "douche" and/or a "brah". Sometimes, he is simply referred to as an "asshole". He is easily spotted by his trucker cap (generally cocked to the side), his styled-to-look-that-way "messy" hair, flip-flops and his multiple shirts (each generally two or three sizes too small). Male Cubs fans may also "pop" their collars and may be found drinking margaritas. In their natural environment, male Cubs fans often sport barbwire tattoos on their arms; in their parlace, this is: "Fucken RAAAAAD, BRAAAH!"

The female variety of Cubs fan is characterized by a skreetchy voice, too much make-up (which will be fixed multiple times during every game, often while the Cubs are at the plate), high heels and mid-game questions such as, "Who are the Cubs playing today?" and "When do the Cubs hit again?"

Due to a fear of food and the fact they are born with a make-up brush in each hand, female Cubs fans are often visually attractive. However, potential suitors are cautioned to listen to her speak and/or count the number of labels she has prominently featured on her body or belongings as these signs often point to "high maintenance" levels far exceeding those of other "high maintenance" females.
Guy 1: "I feel sorry for the Cubs. Not only do these guys have to play for a perennial loser, they have to do it for the worst fans alive!"

Guy 2: "Yeah, Cubs fans are like a cold: they can't kill you, but when they visit they can make you wish you were dead."

by C 2 Shine N C July 19, 2007

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Abnormally large, moist flakes of snow.

Eskimoes had 500 terms for snow. Cum clouds was not among them.
"It's not just snowing outside, it's like walking through flying clouds of cum out there! It's all in my hair and shit!"

"Could you imagine if those were real cum clouds??? You'd just be walking and they'd be all flying in your mouth and your eyes!"
by C 2 Shine N C January 13, 2007

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Sexual intercourse with a person who is unconscious or otherwise incapacitated. Dead logging is often accomplished after a long night of drinking by the dead loggee.

Legal experts sometimes refer to this activity as "rape".
#1: "Dude, I spent all this money buying Emily drinks all night and then she just passed out before I could even kiss her. I should've just dead logged the bitch!"

#2: "You should've WHAT????"

#1: "You know... in other words... RAAAAPE!"

by C 2 Shine N C January 02, 2007

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