Acting like a dumb bitch, which a huge stomach ache from butterflies towards your crush - and it really fucking sucks !
Girl likes boy but can’t talk to him because of the crushies
by Kyle and the special one September 07, 2018
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Crushies is when you like someone and when you see them your chest starts to feel tight and you get butterflies.
Eg: " Ugh I have the crushies because of you :/ "
by I ❤️ D.M October 02, 2018
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when a girl sees the guy she likes and she gets butterflies and can’t stop smiling. she feels overly excited. it’s not really easy to explain. it’s just the crushies 🥰
everytime i see him i get the crushies😍

i saw him today and it was a major crushies moment
by girlwithacrush January 18, 2019
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