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When you ejaculate and pass a kidney stone at the same time.
Brittany "Oh my god I was with Zack last night and he gave me a crunchy nut!"
Becky "Omg ew that's so gross'"
by CheddaBiscuit May 12, 2015
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The Art of letting your Girlfriend suck your balls and then she chews on them and you subsequently fly kick her causing her to spit your balls out in small chunks
"you mother fucker... imam fly kick yo ass outa here if you don't spit my crunchy nuts out" said Jesus to Mary
by curry cums out of my jab end February 12, 2015
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When a male is having sexual intercourse with someone and he passes a kidney stone while ejaculating.
Friend: How'd it go last night with that girl?
Me: I gave that girl a crunchy nut!
by Green alien dude March 09, 2018
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