1. Helping or causing others to suffer or be in pain in many effects and ways,

2. Having pleasure or not having a kind heart when causing or seeing someone's pain or discomfort or distress or misfortune Etc,

3. Becoming Merciless or Pitiless or Both to anyone or any animal,

4. Being responsible of a action or event that causes Suffering or Sadness or not feeling guilty or sorry about it happening,

5. Having or showing no respect or sympathy for other beings you choose to Hurt or mock or bully or insult Etc,
1. A society that allows Cops to physically Hurt someone otherwise could be a innocent civilian to the point of oh most killing the person is just cruel to me, 2 .they say that she in jail for kidnapping a Dog and than killing it with out any pity its sad since the dog was owned by a lovely couple people are calling her a cruel person right now,
by Johnsteve5000 January 24, 2017
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Being nasty.
Singin to a blind man, "I can see clearly now the rain has gone."
by Tom February 20, 2003
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Rhyming slang for cool but in the tradition of words such as "wicked" or "sick" which are used in a contrary context.
Michael Jackson latched on to this phenomenon with typical zeal for riding the zeitgeist when he sang "I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it" meaning "I'm good, I'm good, really" obviously.
Person A: "Coming down the pub?"
Person B: "Cruel!"
by RexBoner March 8, 2011
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So i sent Urban Dictionary a request for epic but they denied it cause there cruel
by PeterNinComPoop June 25, 2010
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Crueling is someone who believes in faggotism and goes around calling people faggots. He makes people rage on a block game and make them hackusate him. He is a God at pvp. He makes 8 year olds cry and call him cruel over minecraft. He also has a skill for bedwars. Its also a personality disorder, it makes the person psycho and loco. Here are some comments that people have said:
Omggg crueling is cheating omggg he doesnt know how to pvp
Fuck crueling man he is so annoying
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when a so-called "friend" niehbor makes their grandkids come out and scream fictional stuff about the niehbor's kids
"fuck i still see that cruel niehbor is at it again"
by the dude April 29, 2004
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