Relating to homosexual or feminine aspects. Better when said in a single word sentence as a response to a hearing about feminine characteristic.
"Jerry got a new hairstyle that's long and pink. That sounds like faggotism to me."

Jim: "John wears lipstick."
Bob: "(While shaking his head)Faggotism."
by Jokeezie April 12, 2008
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a descriptive word used to describe someone you don't know who acts, looks, sounds, etc. gay.
Theres a sense of faggotism in the way that fool dresses.

Theres faggotism in the that dude talks.
by Buster April 11, 2005
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to believe in being a faggot.
im finna join the faggotists. because i believe in faggotism
by p8shent January 13, 2019
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Akram: "Haya okoruu"
Akram: "i'd smash bro"

^^^^ faggotism
by kwah kwah August 4, 2019
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a way to refer to a gay person, usually in a non-supportive way
Friend 1: Did you hear John came out as gay?

Friend 2: I knew that bitch was a faggot..
by xikonoreos December 4, 2022
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a pioneer of being a faggot in a group
Hey dude, stop being a faggoteer
by Ill Peerson January 29, 2010
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faggot is a word used towards gay men , fruit men, and men that slap other men’s butts .
“yo jayvon over there just smacked forrells ass. yo! he a faggot
by levonblarks August 15, 2019
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