Successfully fulfilling munchie needs
"I was so hungry earlier, but i crucked it"
by yanshbenck December 9, 2018
"Man I'm so hungry, I need some cruck!"
by yanshbenck December 9, 2018
A car/pick-up truck exemplified by the El Camino.
Why the hell did they buy that cruck?
by BlueSmoke April 27, 2005
A portmanteau fusing of the words crazy and fucked. Crazy fucked.
by pyrotelekineticsociopath May 20, 2016
A car that has truck like qualities; a truck that has been half eaten by a car.

Man that Subaru Baja Sport is quite the cruck! Word!

by Kenny007 August 4, 2006
Someone would say "cruck cruck" in an awkward or uncomfortable situation just like on movies if someone says a bad joke and it goes quiet, there are cricket sounds. Cruck cruck are the crickets
1) That was so cruck cruck when they didng ask me to their party and I knew it was on
2) *someone says bad joke*-goes quiet'-

"cruck cruck"
by Lozza999 July 29, 2017