"Man I'm so hungry, I need some cruck!"
by yanshbenck December 9, 2018
Cruck is a more extreme form of the word crunk
Most people don't use it because they aren't cool enough.
Matt wishes he was as cruck as Alex, but he's not.
by 10293847 June 16, 2008
1. To be yelled at
2. to be in a dramatic scene that you would not want to be in.
1. You are sitting in class and someone starts yelling at you
you would say why r u crucking on me.
2. Mom ask you how your day went you would say My classmate was crucking on the teacher for no reason
by Spicebunny1 February 7, 2011
Yo, my niggazzzzzz.....wanna take a rizzy in my cruck?
by Shaquita September 5, 2003
Successfully fulfilling munchie needs
"I was so hungry earlier, but i crucked it"
by yanshbenck December 9, 2018