A sex position where the guy holds up a girl like they are being crucified and fucks them from behind.
Cody tried crucifying Maddy to give her a good time. Her hole was never the same.
by thecerealraper May 21, 2018
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When one gets so drunk on a Friday night that they disappear from public life and then reemerge on the third day.
-Where have you been? I haven't seen you in like three days.
-Man, I got fucking crucified on Friday. I didn't leave my bed for the rest of the weekend.
by Vabe January 16, 2021
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verb : (to)

to lay off your workers, for no specific reason other than the fact that you decide to move your company overseas.

N.B: not to be confused with either the crucifixion, a method of capital punishment in the Roman Empire, or The Crucifixion -of Jesus-but this is just as painful in the modern capitalist world.
Emily (adressing her boyfriend): Carl, remember I told you my boss was thinking about firing me? Well now he finally succeeded. I finally learned the reason; it's not just me he is firing, it's everyone. He's going to crucify the entire staff.

Carl: Oh, the bastard. If he is going to crucify all his staff like that, and other companies follow suit, guess what?, the laid off workers around The United States might start an American Communist Revolution.
by Sexydimma February 9, 2013
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also called "the crucifier'. it is a sinful and hellish sexual act where a women is tyed to a cross in bed and a man has his way with her
man i cant believe i watched that mexican porno last night in one part the dude pulled the crucifier on her
by RHaRHoNSKSVPCS August 2, 2009
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someone that is an ugly ass mothafucka. this person is the most horrendous looking human you have ever seen. if you see someone that is an ugly ass mofo and makes you think “whaddafuck is this creature?” they are crucified.
yo that bih be crucified as hell
by sillyswan22420 November 17, 2021
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An Item or object that is beyond repairable or badly damaged
by Jahamez May 8, 2019
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A rapper that is too stupidly fast that all you hear is daravazagarabaz biggity biggity bao bop bop biwa fasldf;kj sae
What's that weird rambling noise?
Oh sorry I was listening to Crucified
by biggit bgapo February 6, 2018
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