6 definitions by barnstormer

An expensive 40 inch long wig worn by urban women in the United States
Girl, I'm about to go buy me a bust down 40 "
by barnstormer January 27, 2023
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A women or man whom enjoys satisfying and facilitating other's humanity through love and contentment. Honest Natural Lover
Men like Matthew Broderick, Harrison Ford, Johnny Depp, & Ron Howard big time SmooMoo
by barnstormer October 22, 2006
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When Police attack protesters whom they disagree with. Typically when police accountability protesters are protesting against police violence, the police will find any reason to randomly & violently escalate a crowd situation, hurting & arresting protesters.
Native American Women & Children were arrested & injured when peaceful protest was marred by an out of control Police Riot.
by barnstormer January 28, 2023
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Accessories of life that conceal your true social or economic standing.
A Cadillac is social camouflage…

Coined by Cadillac in an American Fall 2007 television commercial advertisment.
by barnstormer October 14, 2007
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Is a person, usually a fella, whom acts like a big shot even though they are broke.

Word invented by actress Nia Long on the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, October 9th 2007

Nia Long refuses to date a broke-shot, expects a date to pay for dinner. Caveat: Money isn't everything, but expect date to keep it real.
In a sentence: That want-a-be gangster is just a broke-shot.
by barnstormer October 10, 2007
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When you walk-up to someone annoying you and you announce you farted, even when you didn't, just to get them to leave your space.
I really need to do some crowd control, this party is getting out of hand.
by barnstormer January 27, 2023
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