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A Cruel/Crooked Noob on an Online game, Which (Usually) won't share what little he has and is usually disliked.
Guy - Mate you have any Gold Coins to Spare?
Croob - No! Get Lost!
Guy - Aww.. Man, your such a croob.
by The Koaladude September 08, 2005
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A person that gets a game on Christmas, even though the game has been out a month or so before Christmas, and is a noob.
Me: "I was playing Call of Duty 5 on Christmas Day and went 45-0 on Team Death."
Antonio: "Gotta love Croobs."
by P-Tain December 27, 2008
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crazy ass noob. One who exhibits buckwild qualities of enthusiasm and outlandish behavior, while remaining inexperienced to the world.
Jenn: Me croob.
by turd ferguson1 September 14, 2008
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Short for "cropped boob". Occurs most frequently in Facebook profile photos in which women have been cropped out, but their boob or a part of it remains in the profile photo.
by ShayShay September 07, 2013
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