An area of the brain that maintains equilibrium during drunkenness. The Cronk is the inactive area only used to measure a previous evening's drinking.
"The cops caught me in tears shaving a squirrel on a trampoline last night. I was clearly twisted off my cronk"
by cheekychappie September 10, 2014
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A woman who is a giant bitch as if on her period, referred also as a cronkosaurus rex. This woman is the grimiest girl ever and usually acts like a man, wearing man hair and G.I. Boots.
Damn that cronkosaurus is a giant bitch.
A true feminazi.
by G money$ May 27, 2010
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The lowest of the low: a stupid, trashy piece of shit who's widely disliked
"He's a cronk, i hope hes not coming tonight"
by eagle553 April 29, 2019
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Cronk is when you shag a woman with no rubber,

the next day your knob is so hard that if you hit anything with your knob it goes cronk
The boys ask me how I got on last night?
I replied my knob is sore
The boys start to laugh and say you got cronk!
by Chris t warrior February 18, 2021
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Noun: Another word for any natural large hole found in a human being.
Adjective: To change or alter a cronk.
Person 1: Oi mate what's with your butt cronk
Person 2: Oi don't go around insulting my butt cronk what's with ya nose cronks?
Person 1: Just got some piercings, that's all
by packofstains August 31, 2019
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Similar to the word cranky. In other words someone who is a bit pissed off
by Wizard101 kracken boss July 21, 2017
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